Self-Awareness Through Sharing

Speaking & Workshops

Living into Your Best Self – ARNA Keynote! 

Living into your best self comes down to a choice. It’s about knowing yourself and then putting your best self out for the entire world to see.  

 How Self-Awareness & Relationship Management is Affecting the Bottom Line 

Self-knowledge and relationship management is vital to success. Did you know that 83% of high performers score high in self-awareness? What’s the correlation? Possibly the human connection that is often overlooked in the business of doing BUSINESS.  

 Adaptability & Resiliency Workshop 

Adaptability and Resiliency are vital for a productive and engaged team. You will learn the difference between the two and how you can increase both. 

 Creative Self-Awareness Workshop

By activating your innate creativity with art-making and giving you different ways to communicate your thoughts and feelings, Creative Self-Awareness empowers you to discover and better understand “your story.”

Emotional Intelligence and Success Workshop 

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a person’s ability to control emotions, and to sense, understand, and react to others’ emotions and manage relationships.  

 Four Pillars of THE SELF-AWARE LIFE 

Explore the four pillars of finding your true self and journeying toward an authentic and aware life. This talk is based on my book – The Self-Aware Life: Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success as You Go Through Life’s Transitions.

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