We all have an idea of what true fulfillment looks like. Shelves of bookstores are dedicated to books and journals about the search for fulfillment. There are many modern definitions of purpose, meaning, and happiness—which are all elements of fulfillment. But the definition that  is most important is the one that resonates with you.

Fulfillment is found in a meaningful life that is richly connected and aware. Fulfillment is saying yes to all that  you are and then connecting with the ones who bring out your brilliance, those few (and you only need a few) who say yes to all of you.Each and every person has his or her own definition of fulfillment. I recently asked friends, family members, and clients their definitions. Here are some of the answers I received:

  • Fulfillment… I think of the people in my life. First and foremost my kids and what I am able to do and have done for them and all that I get back from them. The same with my husband, my family, friends, and my clients. So, fulfillment to me is making a difference in someone’s life and giving a part of myself. It means balance, peace, giving, accomplishment, joy, and to be loved. Sometimes I think being fulfilled is accepting where you have been and where you are now. And to continue to grow as a per- son and find the things that bring you joy. Being content, satisfied, and at peace with yourself is fulfillment.
  •  Fulfillment to me is the attainment of certain goals and needs. Whether  attaining fulfillment comes consciously or unconsciously depends on the need or want. I’m fulfilled of my need for love through the relationships I have with my parents, siblings, and loved ones.
  •  Fulfillment to me is realizing my devotion to the One who created me. It’s knowing why I get up every morning and my opportunity  to have a positive impact no matter what job I am doing. It is fully appreciating who God made me and knowing what makes me unique and significant.
  •  Fulfillment means realizing your true purpose in life, be- ing satisfied with it, and devoting every aspect of your being to achieving it.
  •  The word fulfillment to me is a feeling of arriving at a place that you always hoped you’d be—whether that be physically, emotionally, monetarily, spiritually or other- wise. I think when you are fulfilled, you come to a   feeling of ease and a place of rest where you are able to breathe a little easier, things aren’t as hard.
  •  Fulfillment: A  glass completely full, but  not  spilling over. Busyness does not equal fulfillment; it is purpose actualized. Prior discernment of one’s purpose is required before truly finding fulfillment.

Fulfillment is defined in many unique ways. Though each answer varies, there are similar components. Each definition is founded on the ability to be authentic in relationships, work, and worship. I would argue that while each person’s definition of fulfillment may vary, the one essential component is knowing you are being genuine and “on task” in living your life. There is no way to feel fulfilled when living someone else’s life.

Excerpt from the Book: Finding Me Again: A Journey to an Authentic Life

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