Transition brings stress – especially when these changes are not what you desire. A relationship goes south, being “let go” from your dream job, reaching a goal and realizing you aren’t as satisfied as you thought you would be.  The “what-ifs” start happening and soon anxiety is knocking at your front door.  So how can you stay positive and emotionally engaged during these times? The answer is found in a choice – the power of choosing to live life loosely.


To live in a manner that allows freedom of choice and avoids controlling behavior is living life loosely. It is a practice of living life with open hands—not grasping on to anything or anyone too strongly. The blessing you have today may not be here tomorrow. Living life loosely is a concept that fosters living in the present. It encourages the attitude of being thankful for the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the “what ifs” of the future.


Part of living life loosely goes back to the idea of healthy goodbyes. When relationships or jobs come to an impasse, they often end badly. It is easier to leave with the power of anger than to bow out with integrity when a relationship or a situation just isn’t working.  And, in the midst of anger and disappointment, we can act out in ways that are neither healthy nor caring. When you think back to the relationships you had at one time in your life that ended in a hurtful way, are your first thoughts of thankfulness for knowing that person, or are they thoughts of resentment? A healthy ending is one in which you wish the other well. Hurt can be expressed from both sides, but so can gratitude


Holding on to a relationship or a job for too long or letting go of it too early can create resentment. Many times after a bad finish to a relationship, there are questions asked in an attempt to make sense of the confusion. In answering these questions, we often jump to assumptions. We assume we know more about others’ motives and actions than even they do. Assuming is never helpful or healing.


When you embrace change or a transition anxiety dissipates. Opening your hands and your heart to what is around the corner will reduce your fear and worry. Take each day for what it brings. Being present in the NOW fills the anxious places with gratitude. And watch what comes into your life. Remember to be mindful of your thoughts and aware of your actions. Avoid stressing about the things you can’t control and see how your joy and fulfillment flourish.


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