Art of Awareness Presented by Nancy Kay, LPC, CPC, RN, CDWF

Location: Courage Camp for Certified Daring Way Facilitators


Ever wondered how creativity and self-awareness meet? Tapping into your creativity can unleash insight into knowing yourself and propel you into the life you always desired. Understanding your emotions and your wants and needs allows your creativity to emerge, and it’s that creativity that increases your self-awareness. Knowing what you feel will help you explore and express your thoughts and feelings in a courageous and healthy way. Creating gives us a sense of meaning and fulfillment, yet it can be a challenging subject for some because of the many myths that surround it.

While a lot of us don’t fully utilize our creativity, most of us tap into it all the time, and we don’t even know it. So, come as you are; no talent needed!! Just be open and willing to learn. No one fails. Some of the gains you will experience and walk away with from the session: Help clients learn how to be more engaged, self-aware and intentional in how they live their lives. Help clients learn how to identify negative patterns in their lives that keep them stuck. Discover new tools your clients can use to help them conquer those challenges. Use art projects to explore and boost creativity. Learn how to use art for better self-awareness

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