logo-webThe KnowThyself Personality Assessment (KPA) is an interest-based personality assessment. Whether you love or hate personality assessments, what might interest you about this one is that the information you get regarding yourself is wrapped in a fun, unique way-through yoga, fashion, design, and business. Using these interests, the KPA offers practical content on how you approach life, and how you can be more successful!

Self-awareness is the initial step in attaining your desired life. When you know yourself, you can be more effective in making choices and reaching your goals both personally and professionally. Knowing yourself well is key to relationship management, understanding your emotional triggers, balancing your energy, and recognizing roadblocks. Ironically, knowing you actually helps you know others – and thus, increases your emotional intelligence.

How do your KPA results bring self-awareness? In your eBook, following the introduction, are four distinct sections about you.

  • The first section is “You and your personality,” which is an overview of strengths and weaknesses characteristic of your personality type. We want you to read through these and see which ones fit – and which ones don’t – and see what you learn about yourself in the process.
  • The next section is “You and relationships”. Learning about your communication style can help you relate better to those who do it like you and those who do not. All relationships take work, but understanding how you relate can really decrease conflict and increase satisfaction.
  • The third section is “You in the workplace,” which discusses types of professions you might be attracted to, how you work in a team, and how you handle stress in your day-to-day career.
  • The final section is a coaching section totally designed for you, which includes suggestions from a professional coach – with your personality in mind – to highlight areas of growth and promote a more balanced and fulfilled life.

So, take your time and read through each section. Sit with the information and see what insights you can find. Self-awareness is a journey and takes time. Be gentle with yourself – seeing every experience as an opportunity for growth.
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