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My passion is to help my clients shift from being stuck in life (on a personal or business level) and assisting them in achieving the next level of personally defined success by coaching them in how to become self-aware, live their true beliefs, and positively manage their relationships. 


Personal Coaching is useful for those who are going through a difficult situation,  in transition, or dissatisfied AND want to change and grow.


Perhaps you have tried to overcome something it on your own, but haven’t been successful. If so, counseling may be the right venue for you.

Business Coaching

Business coaching can include group facilitation, relationship mediation, conflict resolution, and getting your team back on track.


Speaking is my passion, and when I speak I love to see my audience get involved.


Personal Coaching is useful for those going through a difficult situation,  in transition, or dissatisfied AND wanting to change and grow.

Coaching helps you reach your goals by providing perspective, encouragement, and accountability. It is a vital tool for going through life’s transitions and struggles. As your Success Partner, I will assist you in the process of  discovering what you really want in all areas of your life, encourage you as you go through stressful times, and help you set goals so you can achieve the next level of success you desire.

Coaching is available online for those who do not live in the area, whether in the US and internationally. Please view coaching packages below and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Ask about the many tools that can be used for coaching communication. In person or Tele-Health video conferencing is available to accommodate your lifestyle.

Coaching may be right for you if you are:

  • Lacking self-awareness
  • Suffering from decreased motivation
  • Dissatisfied with relationships, life, or job
  • Having difficulties in handling life events, transitions, or stresses
  • Lacking direction
  • Experiencing discouragement or sadness
  • Desiring clarity
  • Wanting personal growth
  • Desiring to live a more authentic, fulfilled and meaningful life

Relationship Coaching:

All relationships (couples, child-parent, siblings, and friends) can benefit from a little help every now and then.

Areas Coaching can address:
  • Destructive  communication
  • Unhealthy styles of conflict management
  • Enmeshment and lack of individualization
  • Lack of passion or connection
  • Need for forgiveness
  • Anger management
  • Goal setting for your relationships

SelfAware 101™ Ultimate Results Premium Package Coaching System allows you to pick the package that is best for "YOU" and your desired outcome.

The SelfAware 101™ Coaching system uses self-awareness, inquiry and intentional actions to unleash the positive energy within individuals, relationships, and organizations to create their sustainable desired future.



Identify the best "you" and what is best for your life / business.


Imagine what could be, envision the life / business you desire.


Create structures and systems to bring about and support your success.



Make an action plan to create your sustainable desired future.

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1 month Coaching

4 (50) minute weekly individual coaching sessions on the phone, video, or in person.

KPA™ Personality Assessment is included


 3 months Coaching  

3 to 4 - (50) minute coaching sessions per month - phone, video, or in person  

2 Assessment tools are included


6 months Coaching  

3-4 (50) minute coaching session per month - phone, video or in person.  

Free 10 min “quickie” call, email, or text when you need that extra help between coaching sessions 

3 Assessment tools are included


1 Year Coaching  

 3 – 4  (50) minute coaching session per month - phone, video or in person  

Free 10 min “quickie” call, email or text when you need that extra help between coaching sessions 

4 Assessment tools are included

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Online Therapy – If you reside in the state of  Colorado and are interested in the convenience and effectiveness of  online therapy – please contact me.  Face-to-Face Counseling is also available in my Fayetteville, Arkansas office. Therapy offered in Arkansas & Estes Park Colorado only.

I gladly accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

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Grace Counseling Service

We all need a little Grace sometime!

I am proactive in helping you find solutions. As the owner of Grace Counseling Service LLC and a licensed professional counselor in Arkansas & Colorado I utilize my 23+ years of experience as a therapist to help individuals, couples, and families. I exercise a holistic approach by utilizing a broad range of therapeutic techniques that emphasize solution-focused therapy to provide quality care in as short a time frame as possible. I am also a certified professional coach and use effective coaching solutions when appropriate.

Areas of Specialty: Marital/Relationship Counseling, Grief, Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Mood Management, Blended Families, Gender Identity, Trauma, Wellness, and Physical or Sexual Abuse. I also use assessments such as EQ, MBTI, and KPA when I see they would be beneficial to achieve my client’s desired results.

If you are struggling in an area that has caused stress and strain in your life and have tried to overcome it on your own, but haven’t been successful, counseling may be the right venue for you. Counseling addresses specific problem areas that require a deeper solution or healing.

Self-Aware Life Coaching Groups

A coaching group is an excellent way to jumpstart your journey toward living the life you always desired. Are you in the midst of transition and unsure of where your life is headed? Do you wonder how your life looks so vastly different than what you had hoped or planned? Then join us.

Become More Aware and Intentional about how You Live Your Life

As a licensed professional counselor and certified professional coach, I believe curiosity is the starting point for self-awareness. And self-awareness is the key to living a fulfilled life. Moving out of your unaware default life and aligning your life with your authentic values is powerful and takes courage. We will be going through my best-selling book. The Self-Aware Life: Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success As You Go Through Life’s Transitions, and its companion workbook. Join us as we journey through the unaware, default life to the passionate, aware life. The Self-Aware life you have envisioned and were always meant to live.

Practices That Propel You

Are you in the midst of a life transition and don’t know where your life is going next? Or wondering how your life looks so vastly different than what you had hoped and planned? Group Coaching is a great way to kick-start your journey to self-awareness and change. In this group, you will explore and examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hold you back from the life you desire. You will learn to identify and choose new habits and practices that propel you towards a more aware and rewarding life.

New Group Starting in April

  • 6 weekly sessions – 2 hours each
  • Tuesday @ 1o am – Noon
  • Wednesday @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Location: 24 W. Sunbridge Dr, Fayetteville, AR
  • Limited to 8 individuals
  • Cost: $397

What You Will Gain:

  • Start a New Story. Master living fully aligned to YOUR values as you encounter life’s transitions.
  • Understand Triggers. Discover the default and shame patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Ground Your Life in the Four Pillars of the Self-Aware Life. Experience how gratitude, forgiveness, optimism, and humility can make a positive change in your life.
  • Self-Regulate your Emotions. Make less messy default decisions…and make more intentional Self-Aware decisions
  • Be More Fulfilled. Start living the Self-Aware Life you’ve always wanted to live.

If you are interested in participating in The Self-Aware Life Coaching Group, get in touch today.

We look forward to seeing you!

Business Facilitator & Coach

We All Run Into Issues & Disagreements

Even in business it is often necessary to bring in a professional that is trained in facilitating groups, someone who can assist in smoothing out relationships, help resolve conflict, and get the team back on track. My passion is individual and relationship development through self-awareness – the core of emotional intelligence.

We Are All Human & Therefore Will Have Bumps in the Road

I want to help people navigate those rough spots so they can learn about themselves, grow, and manage their relationships better, which is the key to success.

Facilitating Healthy Work Relationships Is Vital for the Success of all Businesses, No Matter How Big or Small

When relationships are stuck in unhealthy patterns, not only do the people lose out, the business does too. Having more than 23 years of experience as a therapist and coach enables me to swiftly assess situations and explore solutions that provide satisfaction for all parties involved.

Also, as a certified emotional intelligence EQi 2.0 trainer, I work with individuals, groups, and executives to build high-performance work teams using emotional intelligence. I offer individual and team profiles, coaching to improve job performance, and training in applied skills such as conflict resolution, performance management, interpersonal relationships, group processes, and problem-solving.

At SelfAware 101 Coaching a combination of the following assessment tools are used to enhance your coaching experience: 

  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step II & Z (team work model) 
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) 
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ 360°)
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO- B) 
  • The Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (TJTA) 
  • California Psychology Inventory (CPI 260 for Leaders) 
  • And more!! 

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Living Into Your Best Self – Keynote!

Living into your best self comes down to a choice. It’s about knowing yourself and then putting your best self out for the entire world to see. Often I see professionals have very little insight into their own needs, yet taking the time to be self-aware has proven to greatly increase fulfillment and success in the personal and professional lives of many.

Self-Awareness and Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness begins with self-awareness, which means being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative.  In this workshop you will explore strategies on how to handle your emotions in the most healthy and constructive manner.

How Self-Awareness & Relationship Management is Affecting  the Bottom Line

Self-knowledge and relationship management are vital to success. Did you know that 83% of high performers score high in self-awareness? What’s the correlation? Possibly the human connection that is often overlooked in the business of doing BUSINESS. This workshop will teach you about the benefits of self-awareness and relationship management, and how they will enhance your bottom line.

Adaptability & Resiliency Workshop

Adaptability is the ability to anticipate change and adjust your attitudes, viewpoints, and behavior to handle the change effectively.  Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and remain optimistic in the face of misfortune, stress, and pressure. You will learn the difference between the two and how you can increase both.

KnowThyself Personality (KPA) Workshop

Based on the KPA,  this fun and interactive workshop is for specific interests groups in Yoga, Design, Fashion, Healthcare and Business.  The goal of this workshop is to facilitate self understanding and gain tools to promote relationship management.  This is a great workshop for team building and conferences.

Emotional Intelligence and Success Workshop

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a person’s ability to control emotions, and to sense, understand, and react to others’ emotions and manage relationships. This workshop explores how EQ is beneficial personally and professionally.

Four Pillars of Authenticity

Explore the four pillars of finding your true self and journeying toward an authentic life. This talk is based on my book – Finding Me Again: A Journey to An Authentic Life.

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We are excited to share that Nancy is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate. Check back soon for details about upcoming Daring Way and Rising Strong groups and intensives coming to your area. Contact Nancy with any questions.

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