As 2017 approaches, most people will either make or think about making a New Year’s resolution.  New Year’s resolutions are beneficial in that they are growth minded, but often we stay clear of them because most likely we think we will fail – and then we are left with self-loathing and indifference.  But for those who have the resiliency to press through the cycle of hope, defeat, and find hope again – will see real, sustainable change can occur.

So, when I think about New Year’s Resolution I get excited because to me it’s not just about reaching my goal it is about the process it takes to get real, sustainable change. The powerful presence of intentionality.  Because of the process, there is growth and self-awareness.

New Year’s resolution often fail because the goal is what we look to instead of the action of daily intentionality which eventually brings us to the goal. When we fail, and our lives get a little messy we forget that every day is a new beginning. The messiness is just another way to learn to accept yourself and another door to love, purpose, and fulfillment.
The aware life has many facets, yet the one consistent factor in this journey is intentionality. To tap into the aware life, we must make the risk to be present, pay attention, and always, always, move forward.

One of my favorite words is resolve, meaning “determination: a firmness of purpose.” Fulfillment requires resolve. It demands we make a choice, act, and stay the course. I believe many people lack fulfillment in their lives because they do not choose to pay attention on how they live their life daily. I don’t think change magically happens. It takes awareness, determination, and conscious choice. Intentionality is connecting with our soul, then creating the life we are intended to live.

Having more satisfaction, joy, and purpose in our life begins with taking the time out of our busy schedule to be still and listen to our inner voice. Where does our mind go when we silence it from everyday tasks and our to-do list?

It is this silence followed by a determination that alters our journey. It’s up to us; live a messy life asleep—unaware of our heart’s desire, or live a messy life fully awake—aware of all that life has to give us. And the journey is messy whether we choose to go through life asleep or if we elect to go through it awake and aware Ultimately, Intentionality makes the difference in the joy
and fulfillment we can experience.

*Excerpt from my new book – Messy Intentionality: The Imperfect Journey to Self- Awareness
being released next week.

SelfAware 101 wishes you a blessed 2017 with a bunch of messy intentionality!


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