Building Self-Aware Leaders

Building Self-Aware Leaders

Self-Aware Leadership Coaching

Activating leaders to become self-aware and positively impact your life and career.


Emotional Intelligence is on the decline and self-awareness is needed. As a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and Emotional intelligence EQi 2.0 trainer. I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to promote inclusivity, daring leadership, and resiliency in the workplace.

Are You Overwhelmed By The Challenges of Leadership?

Are you feeling burnout?

Is promoting employee engagement an uphill battle?

Is your company avoiding hard conservations?

Does your workplace have Issues around inclusivity?

Are your values unclear and thus your mission confusing?

How much are these issues costing your company?

Build Confidence As A Self-Aware Leader By Learning To…

  • Become more self-aware and facilitate change.
  • Understand the instrumental relationship between vulnerability, creativity, innovation, trust, engagement, & connection.
  • Promote the role of courage in authentic leadership.
  • Develop actionable strategies for embracing vulnerability as a source of courageous leadership.
  • Understand your strengths, values, and style.
  • Create a cultured, accountable, connected workplace.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Operationalize your values.
  • Creating boundaries to build a balanced career and life plan.


Do you find yourself doing the same pointless things over and over? 

Do you have out of proportion reactions?

Are you hiding from your life? 

Does your body feel out of whack?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions – you are on the edge of burnout or possibly entirely burned out. Burnout is not just about work; it’s about life. You are living in a way that is not self-aware or aligned with your values.

Prevent personal and professional burnout by finding out what matters to you. Learn how to have more joy and fulfillment by regulating your thoughts, actions, and emotions by Pausing, Breathing, and Clarifying.  

The workforce is entering a new frontier of more and more automation, yet the human behaviors of empathy, courage, connection, and self-awareness can’t be taught to a computer. Vital core soft skills are teachable and necessary for people and companies to thrive. 

Contact me today to learn how you can to bring the emotional intelligence skills embedded in Pause – Breath – Clarify to your organization. 

Make the Change you Desire in Yourself and Your Organization.

“Nancy has been working with my staff and me for over a year on developing goals and achieving them individually and as a team. She brings a fresh, new, fun and effective way of solving personal as well as team problems by creating an open and nurturing environment for everyone to express themselves.  
What makes Nancy Kay so wonderfully unique, is her holistic approach and understanding, gleaned from her vast experience as a professional counselor/therapist, coach and registered nurse. She walks in grace and guides her clients with gentle strength on their journey! Thank you, Nancy, we appreciate you so much and always look forward to our next time with you!”

Pam Fritzler – Owner, Colorado Network Staffing

“Nancy helped our team reveal unspoken biases, reach a deeper level of discovery, creativitygrowth, and increased our team cohesiveness!”

– Chere’  Skinner – OTR/L, Co-owner, All Aboard Pediatrics