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Hello, my name is Nancy S. Kay and I am a licensed professional counselor and certified professional coach. I believe a fulfilled and successful life requires self-awareness and intentionality.

SelfAware101™ and Grace Counseling Service LLC offer professional counseling, self-awareness coaching, emotional intelligence training and workshops to help you reach your goals. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how my professional counseling, coaching, or consulting services can help you, please contact me directly. Start your journey to an aware, intentional life today!



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My passion is to help my clients become self-aware, so they can identify the roadblocks that are preventing them from living the life they desire and then designing an intentional action blueprint to experience abundant success in their career, business team, relationships, and life.

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My heartfelt hope is

“The Self-Aware Life will be a bedrock of encouragement and guidance as you courageously choose to journey toward a more balanced, purposeful and fulfilled life.”

International Best Seller

The Self-Aware Life: Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success as You Go Through Life’s Transitions

Discover Significance, Fulfillment, and Meaning for Your Life

With intentional self-awareness, you can create the life you desire by consciously setting in motion your intent to make it happen.

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Customized coaching and consulting packages include the following personal development skills:


Awareness of your own values, strengths, identity, purpose, emotions, motivations and how they impact others


The process by which you align your experiences and values with your actions and intentions

relationship management

The ability to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate effectively, encourage and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict


Personal Coaching is useful for those who are going through a difficult situation,  in transition and want to change and grow.

Group Coaching

Do you wonder how your life looks so vastly different than what you had hoped or planned?

Business Coaching

Business coaching can include group facilitation, relationship mediation and conflict resolution.


Speaking is my passion, and I have several different topics that on self-awareness & authenticity.


Perhaps you have tried to overcome something it on your own, but haven’t been successful. If so, therapy may work for you.


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