11-15 Need a Little Help!

Your results say you scored in the area of needing a little help!

Time for some self-reflection to understand why you feel the way you do.


Is there any area you can make changes in? Is it a temporary condition, or have you just not paid attention to your life yet? Make it a goal to work on the areas that need improvement.


At times, life can be Messy, but a fulfilling life involves waking up and becoming aware of what you want in life and what is holding you back. SelfAware101 believes the aware life takes intentional, deliberate effort and decisions. It doesn’t just happen. Retake the quiz in 2,4, and 6 weeks and see how you are doing.

What qualities do people who experience the aware life have?

  • The are self-aware
  • The have a good sense of identity
  • They are optimistic in your view of the world
  • They can express your feelings freely and effectively
  • They are flexible and can adjust to change
  • They are aware when you are stressed and know how to handle it in a healthy manner
  • They enjoy life
  • They don’t feel stuck
  • They see setbacks as temporary