Fulfillment 30 Assessment

How satisfied are you with your life?


Fulfillment 30 Quiz is designed to be a snapshot into how personally satisfied and successful you are. You may be one of the few who has been on the path of self-awareness for some time, or you may be new to this journey. Either way, let Fulfillment 30 help you identify the areas which you are strong and those which need to be strengthened. Designing your life to be passionately aligned to your values and desires take intentionality every day.


Don’t focus on your score – instead focus on how you can live a more intentional and fulfilled life. Come back and take Fulfillment 30 as often as you like to see your improvement.


Directions: Click True if the statement is mostly true for you or False is the statement is mostly false for you.

1. I am happily married or happily single.


2. My work/career is energizing to me. It doesn’t drain me


3. I am at peace with the people in my life.


4. I have close friends that I enjoy and are easy to be around.


5. My work is not all of my life, but it is a fulfilling part of my life.


6. I am at peace with God.


7. I have a few best friends and care for them well.


8. I have my debt obligations under control.


9. I spend my leisure time doing things I totally enjoy.


10. I take delight in simple things.


11. I look forward to getting up every morning.


12. I have enough discretionary money for fun things.


13. My boundaries are strong enough that people respect me, my needs, and what I want.


14. I don’t spend time with anyone who is using me.


15. I have no problem asking for what I want.


16. There is nothing I am avoiding or have apprehension about.


17. I know what my goals are, and I am steadily making progress to make them a reality.


18. I am energetic throughout the day; I usually don’t feel exhausted.


19. My personal needs have been satisfied; I am not driven by unmet needs.


20. I don’t procrastinate to get things done. I feel on top of what I need to get accomplished.


21. I know my personal values, and my life is oriented around them.


22. My home brings me joy every time I walk inside.


23. I am taking good care of my body and receiving proper, effective care for any health problems I have.


24. I am living my life, not the life that someone else designed for me or expected of me.


25. I reduce stress daily by praying, meditating, taking a long bath, exercising, walking, etc.


26. I simply enjoy my life and focus on what fulfills me.


27. I choose to only be around people that are good for me.


28. There is nothing I am not facing head-on. I am not stuck.


29. I have at least an hour a day that is exclusively for me, and I spend it how I choose.


30. I don’t live with regrets.