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Midlife Crisis Series, Part 2 When “Junk is Exposed” and You’re Left with a Mess to Clean Up

In the last month or so, we’ve been hearing from our constituents about their experiences with the midlife crisis that visits us all in varying degrees and at varying stages of our lives….often when we think we’ve finally reached the point where we’ve got it all together. One such story comes from a woman we’ll call Rachel.

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Midlife Crisis Series

This month is the first installment of a series of blogs we’d like to do focusing on the “midlife crisis”, “midlife unraveling”, “midlife calamity” “midlife – whatever you want to call it” that happens to all of us, in varying degrees, at some point. Our guest blogger, Pamela Winn, is an associate at SelfAware101, and a woman of deep faith. The following is the story of her midlife unraveling and the faith shift she experienced, as a result. She writes….

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