There have been some changes and, all-in-all, the reason it ever had to be Re-released has become a blessing of sorts. But I’m jumping ahead…  

Let me start with January 1, 2017, the day my book, Messy Intentionality (recently re-titled simply Messy) was scheduled to hit the stands, but didn’t.  The reason it didn’t is my publisher, Tate Publishing, closed its doors and didn’t tell any of the authors or musician who had copyrighted material with them they were doing so. In fact, many of their employees were just as surprised. So, the book into which I poured many hours, days – What am I saying? – MONTHS of sweat and sleepless nights was no more. It was gone. (How apropos that my book about life being messy should have such a rocky, messy birth!)  

Life IS messy, isn’t it?? Knowing that it is, we might as well embrace the mess and work with it. That’s what my book is all about – living an intentionally aware life in the midst of the messes of life.  It’s moving from the asleep and numb autopilot in which we often operate to a fully awake and intentional life, based on the four pillars of Optimism, Humility, Forgiveness, and Gratitude.   

If we believe life must go a certain way for us to be happy, we live in fear - fear of loss, fear of alienation, or fear of rejection. Thus, we control what we can and try to control things we really cannot. When we can’t, we blame, we yell, or we avoid – giving us the illusion we are in control and all along we are sabotaging the self-aware, fulfilled life.   

So, how do we foster self-awareness and intentional living?  We embrace the messy! We let it roll over us. We bask in the freedom of not needing to control every aspect of our lives and our relationships. We release the fear of the “what-ifs” of life – all the things that may or may not happen.  

Self-awareness fosters freedom.  It doesn’t demand life to go a certain way. It allows life to happen. When things go awry or get messy, the self-aware do not have to be demanding or angry or fearful. We can experience peace and confidence and emanate strength and courage, which can only inhabit people who are truly and intentionally self-aware.    

This journey to self-awareness is not easily done. It requires us to look deeply into our experiences and patterns to discover our true selves, allowing us to make better choices that truly align with our core values and desires, not someone else’s.  Whether you embark on this journey individually or with a friend, a book club, or an accountability group, my new book, Messy, and workbook can guide you on this epic and rewarding journey to freedom.   

Stay tuned for more information about and excerpts from Messy in the very near future. Launch date, promotions, contests, and opportunities to pre-order are right around the corner!  


Oh, and by the way... to finish the story about my publisher – the Tate’s were arrested for embezzlement and extortion and are awaiting their day in court. Justice will have its due course. 


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