What does it mean to have success? As a success partner to my clients, I often see many falter and fall short of what they desire. Why? Mostly, because they aren’t aware of what they truly want.  Thus, until they know what they really want and how to set achievable and desirable goals they will find themselves continuing to live an unfulfilled life.  Success does not have a predefined definition. It is flexible and should be set firmly on YOUR definition of success, not others. Having goals that align with you values is a sure way to knowing you are on the right road to living true to yourself and thus having success.
Below are 4 guidelines to making sure you obtain great results which are based on your passion and what works for YOU:

1. Reconnect with the “why.” If you are just starting this journey – identify your vision and your passion. Write out a mission statement based upon your values and your desires. If you have been on this journey for some time and lost sight of your vision – go back to your original idea and remember what you felt. Try imagining achieving your goal. What would that be like? Reconnect with why you started this journey in the first place. Do you still think it’s important? Is it still your passion?

2. Determine your path. Set a timeline for achieving your goals. Take an honest look at how much time you will need. Set small goals. When you meet the goal – celebrate each and every one of them. Look carefully at what obstacles you might face: Financial (cash flow), Personal (How much of a strain is it on your personal relationships? Are you willing to risk that strain on your relationships?), Emotional (What roadblocks, fears, insecurities are you facing?). Determine how many weeks, months or years you want to give yourself.

3. Get strategic. Prioritize your moves. What is going to help today or what is going to pay off in the long run? Identify what wastes your time and what is a winning move. Winning moves are opportunities that will pay off in time. You are looking to progress in inches, not miles, so just do the work. Step by Step. Pick up the phone, go to that exercise class, write that article, blog or go to that network meeting.

4. Quit or Re-prioritize. There is a time when dreams have to be changed or put on hold. Know your quitting place, but before you do…just remember – the break or break thru you have been looking for is often right around the corner. Successful new authors and entrepreneurs don’t give up. New authors don’t sell their book in the first year – it’s usually in the second or third year. They keep working and marketing even when it feels futile. Successful people and companies keep wiggling – even when they feel stuck. You should know without a doubt the place to call it quits, but make sure it’s time for that dream to die and for another one to be born. Categorize everything on your plate and decide which things are you still passionate about and what ideas are not worth the effort. This sometimes is not about deciding to quit your project entirely, but to identify which part or parts of your venture will give you the biggest reward personally and financially. Then let the rest go.

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